World Vision’s Decision and How We’re doing this Wrong

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March 26, 2014 by zachames

Let me briefly preface this with some tough truths I’ve wrestled with. I can’t reconcile homosexuality with scripture. I just can’t. I told a good friend last night that I’d love to believe the liberal theologians that claim the Hebrew or Greek is wrong or we don’t understand the cultural nuances of the time in which the Bible was written. I cannot. What it comes down to with me is the Gospel. The Bible paints a picture of the Gospel with Christ as the groom and the Church as his bride. Its a pretty clear analogy and I can’t bring myself to mess with that.

The thing is, when stuff like the World Vision decision to hire married gay and lesbian couples happens, I start to cringe for completely different reasons. I cringe because I know what’s coming. Within the day you had two articles from The Gospel Coalition that were shared by everyone and their mom and another by Russell Moore that raised the flag of Christian morality and how this was a centerpiece issue in the world we can’t afford to waver on. They were topped off with a bit of shame on you World Vision for putting this above the poor that World Vision provides relief for around the world. Beyond that was just a general upheaval from the evangelical community that WV had abandoned the faith altogether in favor of being PC.

Next you had the volleys back from the liberal community. There was Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner (If I ever become a liberal Christian blogger do I have to be known at Zachary Logan Ames?) with the typical snark about evangelicals then getting passive agressive when being called out for being snarky. I single them out because they epitomize the liberal mindset to combat self righteousness with a self righteousness of their own that would make a Pharisee blush. Fire from both sides continued to rain down as followers of these organizations and personalities reposted and echoed their sentiments.

I almost wanted to cry, or punch someone in the face. Probably both. What I knew from watching both sides is this: I don’t have the answer for this moral quandry, but I can safely say that we are doing this wrong. Does either side of this battle make it seem at all welcoming to the gay community itself? The evangelical side is an easy yes but so is the liberal one. Hey I’m friends with you because of who your sexual orientation! What? When did we start love/ostracizing people by who they have sex with?

I wish I had an all encompassing answer for this. I don’t. I honestly don’t know what to do. In the end I’m no better than either two sides in this debate. I’m self righteous and rude. What I can do is look to Christ who took bold stances on sin. Christ who called the Samaritan woman out and who called Zaccheus down from a tree. Christ who dined and reclined with sinners, drunkards, self righteous zealots, and pharisees. Christ who washed his disciples feet, including Judas Iscariots. Christ who assembled and entrusted a group of fishermen and tax collectors that were self righteous doubters who embarrassed and deserted him to take the Gospel to a broken and hungry world.

What does it mean to wash the feet of someone who is going to betray you? It means humility. It means our savior was a servant king. It means we’ve got to stop treating each other like we’re mere labels and start treating each others as humans. It means forcing the world to have to listen to what we say because it can’t deny our motives are rooted in love. If we think we’re doing this for gay and lesbians already then we are fooling ourselves. Mercy and grace are the hardest work there is, which is why we can’t do it on our own. The sooner we realize that the sooner we’ll realize our witness consists of both saying hard things and loving one another, not exclusively one of those.

Even as I write this, word is coming out that World Vision has reversed their decision. I’m not sure it even matters anymore.


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