The first of many, unless this gets boring.


June 17, 2010 by zachames

Zach, why blog now? I graduated college and now I have the time to. That and the fact that there’s alot of dumb stuff in Christian “culture,” and I want to point that out. Why the name “Jesus is not a rainbow?” Because he’s not.

Enough questions. There is a problem in Christianity. There are too many dummies who are allowed to voice their opinion and not be told that they are in fact, dummies. How did they get so loud and annoying? Blame Johan Gutenberg. There was a time before him that books took a long time to literally write and copy. So when Constantinople Jones tried to get his book (probably called “Velvet Caesar” or “Wild at Kidneys”) published alongside Augustine’s “Confessions,” he was told to find a new career. Now cool guys like John Eldredge and Don Miller can have their junk published and mass marketed. So regardless of quality, with the right connections and appeals to terrible parts of human nature, pretty much anyone can get a book published. Even worse, being in the days of the internets, they can now get blogs. Wait. Nevermind.

If you can’t read, turn on your television, they’re there too.

If you can’t see, turn on your radio, after a few Casting Crowns songs you’ll be deaf too.

Zach, why are you being so critical? Because I believe in the Gospel, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that we as Christians are called from sin into the God’s presence and the company of the saints that have gone before us.  Saints like Martin Luther who rather than writing about “spiritual journeys” and what “authentic manhood” is, wrote about our justification through Christ alone. Luther’s writings changed the world and overthrew a corrupt church system that held the world in darkness for a thousand years. Most of what passes for Christian literature nowadays is more geared towards my jouney of jumbled feelings and why being a Christian man means you have to wear lion skins and eat raw meat.

But Zach, that’s theology and its stagnant and boring and not relevant to what I’m going through. You ever think that maybe you’re stagnant and boring and that what you’re going through isn’t new?

That’s not to say that theology is the cure all and we should just sit around reading Kierkegaard’s Ethics and discuss it with the guys for kicks and giggles. Seriously though, if you want to, call me. I digress, there’s plenty o’ churches out there full of guys(lots are Reformed) that want to do just that, and somehow think they’re pious and justified in doing so. The Apostle Paul would punch these men in the face.

Hey Zach, I don’t like to read. I’m not a reader, its just not me. Well our scriptures are in the print media form, so suck it up. Well I’m going to read my Bible and that only, I don’t need anyone else’s interpretation. I could write at least 9 and a half pages on that. I won’t. You’re not that smart.

Zach why are you so self-righteous and judgemental? I’m not. In fact, most of what I’ll write about include things I struggle with. I have been “that guy” in many of the scenarios I’ll address and will point it out every time. Hopefully every time.

No, I don’t hate the people I’m writing about. I hate the fact that the Body of Christ is dealing with second rate resources on our own accord. Lets change that up a bit.


4 thoughts on “The first of many, unless this gets boring.

  1. Dave Crandall says:

    You know that I am a proponent of exposing sin SO THAT repentance and faith can take place in growing measure. Be careful to be more gracious than critical. More loving than confrontational. Looking forward to following this blog.

  2. Mike Bass says:

    Dude, would you seriously sit around and talk about Kierkegaard? I love philosophy, but Kierkegaard? I spent 1/3 of last semester and the last 1/4 of the one before that talking about Kierkegaard. What a guy. Depressing, pious if you want to call it that, devout, arrogant, self indulgent, brilliant, etc. I do like the fact that he didn’t mind saying things that NO ONE wanted to hear, or rather writing things that no one wanted to read, because it poked at their own spiritual misgivings. I loved the whole, and I’m paraphrasing of course, “Christianity shouldn’t be easy. You’re missing the point if it provides warmth and solace and makes your life easier. The point and beauty of Christianity is that it’s absurd and should be hard and you should suffer and revel in depression in order to find any answers you seek, or to be a ‘true Christian.'” Why don’t you hear that kind of sermon these days (not that I go around listening to sermons in general… Know of any Kierkegaardian sermons these days? I’d love to be a fly on the wall)? You gotta love how one of the most openly devout and judgmental Christian philosophers grandfathered existentialism…

    By the way, now that you’re a blogger, did you finally get the pager you’ve been wanting so bad since we’re obviously at the turn of the millennium? Pager sounds so much better than Beeper. Beeper sounds so ’93…

    I kid I kid. Keep writing dude. You know I’ll have things to say, especially if it’s regarding philosophy or theology or religion:)

  3. Adam says:

    … this is gonna be fun.

  4. Lisa says:

    I doubt this will ever be boring but I echo Dave’s sentiments…”more gracious than critical. More loving than confrontational.” I’ll obviously keep reading unless you talk about submissive women…then I might start my own blog.

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